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Monday, March 06, 2006

The war to end ALL wars

We have been programmed to think that war is good;
war is a necessary evil; it is inevitable at times. Throughout
the centuries there have been many wars so we come to expect
having wars. We are trained to think that we must always have enemies,
and therefore we are always on the brink of war. We are brainwashed
that it is ok to have collateral damage, and high enemy body counts
are a positive sign of the war. We have been deceived into these
things by the same entity time and time again -- that is why
history repeats itself -- it is the same entity using the
same tactics, only the times change.

That entity who is called the destroyers; those who profit at the expense
of mankind and the blood of our brethren; who stand for control and greed
and destruction, and who destroy the truth. They are responsible for all
the their time has come and it will be the end of all wars.
Now it is time to destroy the destroyers through his authority he has
delegated to his Christ....everyone who seeks and demands the truth
and justice for those who have committed crimes against God and his servants.

"We will continue to prosper from their wars and their deaths."
-- Their Secret Covenant

Bron: Unveiling Them . com



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